EcoLEDs announces brightest LED light bulb yet available to consumers; reduces electricity usage by 90 percent

TUCSON, Ariz. (May 17, 2007) - Eco-friendly lighting company has launched the brightest LED light bulb ever made available to consumers in the United States. Using just 10 watts and a single LED component made in the USA, the LED light uses just 1/10th the electricity of an incandescent light bulb and reduces CO2 emissions by 9,070 pounds over its life. The EcoLEDs 10-watt LED light is available now at

Incandescent light bulbs are now being globally recognized as extremely inefficient and outdated. Australia has already banned the energy-hungry light bulbs, and California is considering a state-wide ban. In time, all modern nations will ban incandescent lights due to their extreme inefficiency: they waste 95% of the electricity they consume as excess heat.

The mainstream push is towards compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), but consumers are not being told that CFLs contain toxic mercury. There's enough mercury in a single CFL to contaminate 7,000 gallons of fresh water, and if Americans continue to purchase CFLs -- then throw them away in local landfills -- the United States will soon be facing an unprecedented burden of toxic mercury in rivers, streams, croplands and oceans.

The solution is LED light bulbs, which contain no mercury. EcoLEDs products are also RoHS certified (Reduction of Hazardous Substances), meaning they adhere to strict European requirements for safety of materials. They last 50,000 hours before needing to be replaced, greatly reducing landfill. In combination with their ability to greatly reduce CO2 emissions, EcoLEDs lights are the obvious choice for eco-conscious consumers wishing to light their homes and businesses without contributing to global warming or contaminating their local environment with mercury.

Although the LED lights seem expensive up front, they pay for themselves in 1-to-2 years in electricity savings (varies by region). Consumers running on solar (or considering installing solar) will see enormous cost savings almost immediately, since LED lights are 300% more energy efficient than even compact fluorescent lights. And because they produce no UV radiation or IR rays, they're perfect for use in museums, offices and homes. "The United States could eliminate the need to build dozens of coal-fired power plants if every household in the country simply replaced a single incandescent light bulb with an EcoLEDs light," said EcoLEDs founder Mike Adams.

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