launches energy efficient replacement bulb for 40 watt light bulbs; uses only 5 watts of electricity, lasts 50,000 hours

Tucson, Ariz. (May 10, 2007) -, the newly-launched lighting company offering high-brightness, energy-efficient LED lights for home and office use, has announced the availability of an LED replacement for 40-watt light bulbs. Its "E27 3W LED" light uses only 5.2 watts of electricity and produces 135.2 foot-candles of light on a desk surface from a distance of 24 inches (a typical 40-watt incandescent light bulb produces only 10 foot-candles of light on the same surface).

The light bulb exploits new technology in the area of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to deliver a high-brightness, energy efficient light bulb that contains only three LEDs. It fits into any standard light bulb socket and lasts 50,000 hours before needing to be replaced (more than a decade of normal use). Because of its extreme energy efficiency, the light reduces CO2 emissions by 3,570 pounds over its life, compared to a typical 40-watt light bulb. It also saves consumers $178.50 in electricity over its life, more than paying for itself in savings on the electric bill.

"This small, simple light can help consumers greatly reduce their environmental footprint while helping prevent global warming," said EcoLEDs founder Mike Adams, an outspoken advocate of natural health and environmental protection. "They represent a new era in environmentally friendly lighting, and they make incandescent lights and fluorescent lights virtually obsolete."

Currently, about twenty percent of the electricity used in the United States is used to power lights. About ninety percent of that electricity is wasted by the extremely inefficient lighting technology still used today in homes, businesses and schools across the country. Switching to LED lighting could save America billions of dollars each year in electricity costs while dramatically reducing CO2 emissions and helping the country meet its energy independence goals by 2020.

The EcoLEDs E27 3W LED lights currently retail for $39 each. They can be purchased online at

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