New earth-friendly LED lighting company launched by grassroots consumer advocate Mike Adams

Tucson, Ariz (May 08, 2007) - Consumer health advocate Mike Adams, the architect of the popular alternative health and environmental news site has launched a company offering mercury free, energy efficient, high-brightness LED lights to replace typical light bulbs in homes and offices. The lights use 1/10th the electricity of incandescent light bulbs, contain zero mercury like compact fluorescent bulbs do, and last an astonishing 50,000 hours before burning out (over a decade of normal use).

The company, called EcoLEDs (, aims to greatly reduce CO2 emissions from inefficient lighting by helping businesses and consumers convert to its new generation of high-brightness LED lights that produce very little waste heat and operate at over 90 percent efficiency. (Typical incandescent light bulbs operate at only 5 - 10 percent efficiency, producing a tremendous amount of excess heat while wasting electricity.)

The company's lights cost substantially more than incandescent lights or fluorescent lights, but pay for themselves in 1 - 2 years in electricity savings. Its flagship product, a 10-watt LED bulb that resembles a finely machined aircraft part, saves over $450 in electricity costs over its lifetime while reducing CO2 emissions by over 9,000 pounds compared to a typical 100-watt light bulb. (Based on 10 cents per kwh of electricity. Rates vary by region.)

"LED lighting represents a revolution in energy-efficient lighting for homes, businesses, schools and retail establishments," said Mike Adams, founder of EcoLEDs. "America can no longer afford to waste its costly energy resources on inefficient, wasteful technology like incandescent light bulbs. It is time to invest in a green future, and our LED lights offers a real solution, available right now, that consumers, businesses and government offices can leverage today to substantially reduce their CO2 emissions."

Like many scientists and environmental activists such as Al Gore, Mike Adams believes CO2 emissions from human activity are contributing to global warming and altering the global climate, threatening the sustainability of the global food supply and delicate ecosystems that ultimately support human life. He believes that a global shift to more efficient lighting products can play a significant role in reducing total CO2 emissions and preventing catastrophic climate change in the years ahead. includes a Certificate of CO2 Emissions Reduction with every order and pledges a portion of its revenues to the Consumer Wellness Center, a non-profit headed by Adams and dedicated to nutritional programs for expectant mothers.

The company currently offers a selection of ten LED light bulbs that operate on AC current in nearly every country in the world (from 85 - 240 volts). It also offers an MR16 light that replaces the extremely inefficient halogen MR16 bulbs typically used in museums and upscale homes.

Its products are available through Better Life Goods (, an online retailer established by Adams to offer unique products for green living.


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