How to buy LED lights

  1. Replace the most frequently used incandescent lights in your home first. Because LED lights are expensive up front, they make more financial sense when used to replace incandescent lights that burn for at least eight hours a day.
  2. 3-watt LED lights are useful for desk lamps. 7-watt and 10-watt LEDs are more suitable for room lighting or area lighting. By aiming these lights toward a white surface, such as a ceiling, they can light up an entire room.
  3. Remember that LED lights are directional and have a specific beam angle (like a spotlight). They do not mimic the characteristics of light bulbs used in lamps with lamp shades. LED lights are best for lamps, recessed lighting, down lighting and other directional lights. Our 7-watt light has a narrow beam angle (60 degrees), so it's useful for more dynamic lighting applications such as recessed lights in a restaurant, or lighting products in a museum. Our 10-watt light has a much wider beam (100 degrees) and works well in desk lamps, room lights and up lights that bounce lights off the ceiling to light a room.
  4. Should you wait for a light bulb to burn out before replacing it? No. It makes more financial and environmental sense to throw away an incandescent light bulb now and replace it with an energy efficient EcoLED light than to wait for the light to burn out before changing it. Remember, EcoLEDs use about 1/10th the electricity. The incandescent bulb is going to burn out sooner or later and end up in landfill eventually, so you're not creating any additional waste by tossing the light now and switching to a more efficient light immediately.
  5. EcoLED lights are offered at a discount when purchased in packs of four. Consider buying a four pack for extra savings. Since your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed, there's no risk on your part. You can return the lights within 30 days for a full refund if they don't meet your needs.
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