(Written by Mike Adams) An exceptionally bright, extremely high quality bright white LED light built to last a lifetime. This is a premium quality LED light that's precision machined like an aircraft part. It contains seven 1-watt LED components arranged in a circular pattern with precision lensing to direct the light beam at a 60 degree angle. It produces an astonishing 382 foot-candles of light on a desk from 24 inches away (a common 75-watt light bulb only produces 21 foot-candles of light on the same surface).

This light will last 50,000 hours (over 11 years of daily use for 12 hours each day) and will save you nearly $350 in electricity costs* over its life.

Works in any common screw-type light socket in the world and operates on a wide range of voltages: from 85 volts to 240 volts (so it works in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, Australia and most other countries). Replaces any standard incandescent light bulb, from 40 watts to 75 watts or more.

Extremely efficient and versatile

This light uses only 7.7 watts of electricity and runs very cool (around 120 degrees F), so it produces very little waste heat compared to typical light bulbs and thereby saves you even more on reduced air conditioning costs. Use it in any desk lamp, recessed light socket, down light or other directional lighting application.

Remember: LED lights are directional (like a spotlight). This EcoLED light has a beam angle of 60 degrees, which is equivalent to a spotlight. This makes it very useful for dynamic lighting, accent lighting or projecting light on certain objects or areas of the room. It is not appropriate for use in lamps with lamp shades or other lighting applications where light needs to be emitted in all directions at once. (However, it can be aimed at a wall or ceiling to produce radiant ambient light that radiates through the entire room.) Also note that this EcoLED product produces clean, bright "white" light, not the typical yellowish light produced by incandescent bulbs. Most people agree that our white lights offer far better visibility and clarity than common yellowish light bulbs.

Outstanding safety for your home or business

This EcoLED light is extremely safe. It runs cooler than incandescent lights or halogens (eliminating the fire hazard), contains no toxic mercury like fluorescent lights, and will not break into tiny glass shards if you drop it. It is heavier than a typical light, however, due to its aluminum and copper components, and should always be handled with care.

The light pattern produced by this EcoLED light is remarkably smooth, with no shadows or extreme hot spots. There is no flicker, no hum and almost no heat produced by this light. It turns on instantly when you flip the switch (unlike fluorescent lights, which need time to warm up) and can by cycled on and off endlessly with no harm or degradation to the life of the bulb.

Enormous savings in electricity and CO2 emissions reductions

Using this light will save you $346.00 in electricity over the life of the bulb* while reducing your CO2 emissions by 6,920 pounds compared to a regular 75-watt light bulb. That's the same amount of carbon dioxide found in the volume of atmospheric air that would fill an entire football field over three quarters of a mile high. If that seems like a lot of air, it is. Inefficient lighting is a major contributor to the global rise in carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming. By using these EcoLED lights, you can substantially reduce the amount of CO2 produced in your home or business, helping to reduce climate change in a very real, measurable way.

If you're considering going solar, note that using this EcoLED light in any solar system will save you substantial start-up costs that more than pay for the cost of this light right up front. (LED lights use only 1/3rd the electricity of fluorescent lights and are mercury free.)

Comes with a Certificate of CO2 Emissions Reduction, suitable for framing, that allows you to publicly display the number of tons of CO2 you are preventing from being introduced into the environment by using this light. This certificate can be placed on the wall of your home or business.

Comes with a 30 day unconditional satisfaction guarantee and a one-year manufacturer's replacement warranty. Designed to last for 50,000+ hours of operation and is guaranteed to work when you turn it on or we'll replace it free of charge.

Total lifetime savings of the EcoLED E27 7W LED over a 75-watt incandescent bulb:

  • $346.00 in electricity savings*
  • 6,920 pound reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 50 fewer light bulbs in landfill

Substantial benefits for your home, community and country

This EcoLED light also:

  • Substantially reduces CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming.
  • Promotes energy independence for your country and helps it achieve greater energy efficiency goals.
  • Helps eliminate the need for your community to build more coal-fired power plants that release toxic substances into your local environment.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to sustainable living to all those who see these lights in your home, business or other facility.
  • Saves you the time, effort and money needed to buy and replace burned out light bulbs.
  • Greatly reduces landfill compared to regular lights (you'll replace a regular light bulb fifty times before replacing this EcoLED light once!)
  • Provides a far safer light that won't shatter when you drop it, and won't release toxic mercury vapor like fluorescent lights do if broken.
  • Represents a sound investment in energy efficiency that helps insulate you from any future rise in future electricity prices.
  • Directly reduces your environmental "footprint" on the planet. Reduces environmental guilt. Contributes to good karma. :-)

E27 7W LED Specifications:

Light color: Clean white
Voltage: 85 - 240 volts AC (covers common household voltages in most countries)
Lumens: 315
Beam angle: 60 degrees
Width at top: 93mm (note: this is wider than a typical light bulb)
Length: 83mm
Materials: Aluminum alloy base with internal copper heat sink, contains NO mercury
Radiation: Produces zero UV or IR radiation
Operating temperature: Under 127 degrees F / 53 degrees Celcius)
Weight: 285 grams
Foot-candles of light produced on a desk from 24 inches away: 382
Country of manufacture: China

Please Note: This LED light bulb does not work with dimmer controls.

* Based on 12 hours of use each day and 10 cents per kWh for electricity. Actual rates vary widely by region. California rates are notably much higher, meaning the cost savings in using LED lights will be even greater. Other assumptions used in the calculations on this page include 2 pounds of CO2 being produced from every one kilowatt-hour of electricity used, a carbon dioxide density in atmospheric air of .0314%, and a football field size of about 5,000 square meters. We use 1.8 grams per 1000 cubic centimeters (at sea level atmospheric pressure) for the weight of carbon dioxide.

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